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winged-alchemist said: "I feel...*looks sick*"

"Y’should go see Doc.  I can take you there if you don’t know where it is."  He’s completely given up on questioning the random people on the ship.  It’s all too much.

Anonymous said: "boop boop anon comin in to just say that I and the rest of your followers appreciate for making such a nice blog for Eduardo and that you're still with us and everything :}"


[I’m really glad I can bring some enjoyment to you guys with this!  That is why I made this.  I know I’m super inactive cause of real life stuff and my Edu can be really mean.  So I’m pleasantly surprised you guys enjoy my non-shipping Eduardo role play.  This made my day.]

Anonymous said: "r ur nipples sensitive lolol"

"I would say to ‘come find out’ but I have no doubt that you would attempt it if I did."

Anonymous said: "how would u react if a lover or partner died"

"Most likely with grief.  Isn’t that the human reaction after all?"

ancient-esmeralda said: ""Thank you, Eduardo," a smile appeared on her lips."

Eduardo could not help but smile faintly, “Of course.”

nakamurafye96 said: ""Umm, which way should I go? Maybe this way." She walked slowly and checked in every single room there, meeting the rest of crew but she still couldn't find the map. She sighed heavily and leaned against the door of the room where the map was located. "There's no way I'm going to find that map. I don't care if he's going to kill me or something but being hate by him is even worst.", the girl in blue ended up sitting on the floor and hugged her knees."

Eduardo exited the room quickly.  He grabbed the map and a stack of tools and paper as he left, “How useless.” He sighed, trying to look over the map as he juggled his equipment.  He didn’t even notice the girl curled up on the floor and walked into her briskly, nearly falling over.  He dropped everything in his arms, careful not to allow them to fall on her, “What are you doing in the middle of the hallway?”

ancient-esmeralda said: ""It is. It was so awful, I hope you understand that," she sighed lightly."

"I can’t really say I understand," He looks away, "But I can try to."

nakamurafye96 said: "After several minutes she wandered aimlessly in the ship and almost get caught by Nathan for messing around in his kitchen, she slowly remembered that she was supposed to get a map for Eduardo. But the problem was she couldn't remember in which room the map was located. "....I'm so dead.", she said with a heavy sigh. "What should I do now? Look for it in every single room here?""

Eduardo sighed and looked up at the sky.  He needed the map.  His foot tapped lightly as he contemplated what to do but eventually he set off to get the map himself.

sophie-mikage said: ""Hello! I'm Sophie Blomst, I started following you! Please take care of me!" She told him as she bowed."

"How do all of you people find me and why do you gravitate to me?  Can’t you gravitate to Thomas, or Cap’n?”